My idea for an Assassin's creed 2 remake:

Visuals: Graphics should be Uncharted 4 quality with the same type of realistic textures and breath taking environments that the 2016 release had but applied to 1400s florence in Assassin's creed 2, along with that Ray tracing shoud be implemented, secondly it would be more desirable to give Ezio his E3 look from the Assassin's creed 2 cinematic trailer in where he doesn't have a metal Bracer on his second hidden blade hand just only his brown glove.

Gameplay mechanics: In this remake mechanics like a hood toggle should be added but done in the same way as Valhalla in were removing you're hood is possible by accessing the weapons wheel, In addition to that a more realistic and weighty version of Assassin's creed Unity's parkour but with the player control and agency of the Original Ac2 should be in this remake to give Ezio new and improved freerun animations while keeping us the players in control of his actions.

Combat system: the combat should be a hybrid mix of Shadow of War sword fighting and Batman Arkham hand to hand combat which would create the perfect combat system for this remake

Stealth mechanics/Assassination animations: stealth in a Assassin's creed 2 remake should be very item heavy like Unity and Syndicate with the smoke bombs having the same usage like those two games, Assasination animations should also feel weighty similar to how back stabs and parry animations in the Ps5 Demons souls remake feel like along with that throwing knives should work like how they do in Syndicate enhancing the stealth experience.

Mission structure: Like unity and Syndicate the Assassin's creed 2 remake should bring back the black box System for main Assassination missions giving the players the ability to strategize and brain storm as to how they can make a stealth kill on a main target while keeping the same confessions from the original Ac2. Assassination contracts should work the same to with this remake and also side missions that work like paris stories from unity should be added to this remake but with the cinematics of Syndicates london stories.

Additional requests/features: Assassin's creed discovery's should be a playable memory within this remake that's accessible after beating the battle of Flori DLC, along with once bonfire of the vanities starts Ezio shouldn't grow a beard in this remade version instead that will happen once you access sequence 14 of Ac2, In addition to that beard toggle like Origins should be added to this game for players who don't want facial hair on thier Ezio. Legacy outfits should be incorporated into Ac2 remake most specifically from Altair, Arno, Edward, Connor, Evior and Jaocb and Shay, Also the option for replayble memories would be a fine feature. If you're listening to this Ubisoft I would appreciate it if you Make it a reailty an Ac2 remake would be a success with polished and refined mechanics making the experience fresh, lastly photo mode would be a excellent addition to the remake giving players the ability to capture the best moments of Ezio's journey.