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    Assassins creed unity class question (blue soldier and red ones) help

    So I noticed these 2 get into conflict a lot, and I understand that this was in a time of a history when police force was just introduced, and the red class guards are army soldiers?, in the game it briefly mentioned something about they get in conflict or something and the police step in when they use excessive force, still doesn't make sense why they fight each other randomly, and then there's the green class which is the civilians with weapons.
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    The game is quite confused about who the red enemies are. For the most part, they're seen as a representation of the ugly side of the revolution, or maybe as opportunists who are capitalising on the chaos. They bully and murder anyone who is deemed anti-revolution.

    But then in other missions, like the mission to investigate the origins of the suspicious leather in the tannery (bet you can't guess!), the reds are identified as royalists.

    The game gets into AI problems with this, since some NPCs are in a class that are never combatants and cannot be targeted except with free-aim weapons, while the blues and reds are both classed as enemies. This leads to situations that make no sense. In the mission Bara's Funeral, you protect the funeral procession from the reds on the street leading to the Panthéon. A blue officer thanks you and congratulates you for your work. A final swarm of reds begins a final surprise attack, and their alert state triggers the blues' alert state, resulting in the regiment that just gave you its thanks attempting to kill you before the reds can even get close enough to start fighting you.

    A general on the west of the map (blue) is leading an army to take back encampments from reds who've taken over. He says his army can't attack until they're sure the cannon are down, and wants you to get in and sabotage them. However, his blue troops will kill you if they see you attacking reds on the roofs, and they'll attack if you jump up on the perimeter wall to enter the camps. This needs some work.
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    Blue ones: Police
    Red ones: thugs hired by Templars to attack civilians and riots.
    Green ones: Civilians who fight thugs and with you as well.

    so normally police would attack those thugs and that's why you see them fighting.

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    Yeah it's a little bit ambiguous. I see them as any extremist radical revolutionary prone to violence. The game sort of had to put a "face to the enemies" and I get that.

    They represent extremist Jacobins and Girondists and any radicals of the time. Try not to think of them as any one singular army or faction, they could be multiple.
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    The guys in red are the extremists; either extreme revolutionaries, or extreme royalists. The guys in blue are law enforcement, but depending on the point in the story, they'll either be enforcing the King's laws, or the Republic's. Credits to Viktor Chestikov for clearing this out.
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