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    Aiden pierce PLEASE
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    Still haven’t been able to play this game at all.

    When are y’all going to be making some considerable fixes to series X?
    Me and several others haven’t even been able to play the game sense launch do to the initial loading screen bug where it freezes at 75% completion and then locks your console up forcing you to hard reset it, and we’ve tried literally everything to make it work but it doesn’t.
    But on the November 25 y’all told me that y’all have no time frame for when it will be fixed, I would be ok with that if y’all were actually making significant progress toward fixing the series x version of the game.

    But every time y’all release a update there’s only ever 1 to 3 things y’all are attempting to fix for series x but on pc there’s a mountain of issues y’all are trying to fix.
    I wonder when y’all will start putting a equal amount of time in fixing each platform rather then just spending the majority of it in one, because I’d consider someone not being able to actually play the game a major issue but I guess y’all think differently than I do.

    I wasn’t even able to play the game the year it came out and I know I most likely won’t even be able to play it within the first quarter of this year, and on top of all of that I can’t get a refund for a game I spent $140.00 on that doesn’t work.
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    Playstation fixes

    Is there any news on when the audio bug will be fixed on playstation 4?
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    Pulls whatch dogs legion/2

    Pourrier vous je vous en supplie remettre les tenues de whatch dogs 2 enfin au moins les pulls silvousplaits il était trop beau !!!
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    Originally Posted by dimitri69vegas Go to original post
    Please guys, can you finally do something about the glitched trophies: Bullseye & piece de Resistance & Bottoms Up (dart,drink,paste up).

    Its still glitched and i cant unlock them, Please fix it so i receive them once im into the game (syncronisation).
    Originally Posted by Daytonafox100 Go to original post
    Achievements for Pub, Darts and past up locations don’t pop!! Done them all 3 times now and once using a video guide. Still no Achievements!! Loosing interest now in a really broken game!!
    Here are some ways to help with the Paste Up Trophy Glitch:

    - Play as the same character for all of the paste ups.
    - Don't skip when the character is doing the paste up.
    - I recommend that you use the same stencil on all paste ups.
    - Use a cloud save that has no paste ups completed. Do them all again and it should pop.

    You'll know when you'll get the trophy if your fundraising goal is 1900 ETO and all stencils are unlocked.

    The bottom's up trophy tips:

    - Make sure to drink at the safehouse. That counts.
    - Don't forget boxtown. I forgot it and once i did it, i got the trophy.
    - To make it easier to track, go to the pubs borough by borough
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