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    Assasin's Creed : Invasion

    I am spanish,sorry for the traduction.

    The Arabs go to Cadiz to invade the land. Khaled is the strongest soldier who went there, the whole area around the Mediterranean Sea knew about Khaled. He left his daughter and wife in Saudi Arabia, along with his brother, a soldier who was he was injured by an accident.

    Unfortunately, a Templar infiltrator murdered the brother, taking advantage of his weak state, and incidentally killed Khaled's daughter and wife.

    Meanwhile, Khaled almost died in battle, but is saved by a mysterious hooded man. This man later fled but Khaled followed him across the rooftops wanting to know who he was, why he had saved him.

    The hooded man went to a jail where some men were locked up, the hooded man gave Khaled some instructions to help him open the cell, but he did not say a word, Khaled could tell by gestures that the man he wanted was doing to follow him.

    Together with the men who were rescued from the cell and the hooded man, Khaled went to a stable of horses, and taking a horse each, they went in the direction of Seville.The men did speak but not the one who saved him.

    Together they reached a booth where you enter through the roof. It seemed small, but inside it had an underground passage full of hooded men, until they came across an older man who distinguished himself by having a black suit.

    That man explained to him that it was everything that was around him, and how they had lost a very valuable object at the hands of the Templars, who are the Christians with whom Khaled fights. The Lord, who was the one in command, invites Khaled to join the assassins and Khaled, seeing that they have the same goal he joins them and learns the basics.

    After learning how to be stealthy and new parkour skills, the older man presents Khaled with the hidden blade, but he did not want to have it, as it involved losing one of his fingers and, as the man saw incredible abilities in Khaled, let him have a small dagger just as lethal as a sword.

    In his first mission he faces a Templar from Cádiz, and it was he who sent the infiltrator who killed his family in search of Khaled. The Templar tells him everything before dying in one of the classic death screens that the Assassins had. Creed first and Khaled, already knowing that the Templars killed his daughter, wife and brother, he swore revenge on the Templars and sacrificed one finger of each hand for the hidden blade.

    In all the paragraphs except the last one a tutorial is played (fight and movement)

    Year: 711 - 722.

    Combat system: Same as in previous Origins games.

    Intent: Get the feel of the early Assassin 's Creed.

    Game: Having to dominate the entire peninsula. Having to go to different places in Hispania, killing different Templars from all areas.
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    I don't know much about the history either and I've only played two Assassin's Creed games
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