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    Nokk needs a little more Oomph

    I wanna love this operator, but unfortunately, I find her a bit Underwhelming
    Especially if the Defenders know that there is a Nokk in play

    Cav his not only her silent movement, BUT ALSO a secondary ability, Interrogation to reward her for Capitalizing on her stealth

    Nokk needs something similar

    Now, obviously not the same thing

    But perhaps, she could gain the ability to "trick" all defender gadgets
    Hacking the "Friend or Foe" ID that defenders have (such that they dont activate their own traps on themselves)
    This would make the entire team immune to Defender traps
    Or perhaps, just THE defender gadgets that Nokk "hacks"

    So if Nokk kills Jager, hacks in, it makes all the ADS's on the map not work
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    think one of the reason's she's underwhelming is she has a defender's weapon. She should at least have an MP7 that her unit uses IRL, and maybe using 40 round mags which is more fit for an assaulter than Bandit's 30 rd mags (for drivers and tank crew). Or better yet she should have a SIG 552, because she has mags for it in her rig and it's kinda funny she doesn't even have the gun for them
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