Hello everyone,

We released the 1.09 Patch today, check out the full list of changes below!

Changes in this release:
• Moving objects in challenges now wait for the player to have control to start moving
• Swapping probe in space while holding Brake reset the brake when going back to the original probe
• Fixed some quest objects double spawn
• Fixed memory leak with Hacking & some feedbacks
• Hacking tool tutorial Hack Bots now properly stay in tutorial
• Quest Space Highlights are displayed only in space
• Fixed Mothership building overlapping parts
• Fixed Asteroid Grab Flow
• Hacked probes now have limited range
• Removed 'Rotation complete' text
• Fixed 'Back' button lock in probe build after a challenge
• Fixed Asteroid threat moving in holomap
• Fixed controller interaction sphere highlight staying after Worldship build tutorial
• Fixed docking tool highlight
• Fixed Cockpit animation (if interrupted it could lead to bad cockpit scale until game restart)
• Fixed Mine feedback staying on screen
• Fixed Z-Fight on Mothership Hangar
• Added 'Loading ...' text to Loading Overlay
• Switching probe in space transition is not slowed down by camera controls/dialogs anymore
• Fixed some AR Health feedbacks staying after their owner destruction
• Tracking events are saved in offline mode
• Fixed button lock if destroying the probe while in parking animation
• Damaged Mothership parts are not fully refundable at their original cost
• Distance to 'Reach Area' objective message removed after mission complete
• Fixed 'Energy Fail Safe Mode' text position
• Fixed missing damage feedbacks for player motherships
• Fixed missing ore Patch visual in Medium Detail Level

Known Issues:
• Switching from an early game still in Onboarding Phase (in the first system until the first Upload Station) to a save with an advanced game can lead to locked/missing interfaces (probe Build/Edit, missing Tool buttons) - Workaround: Restart the game