I'm with Anno series since Anno 1602, I also own a CD with attached notebook. However, when Anno 2070 came out, I was disappointed, enough not to buy it, and the same goes with Anno 2205. [removed, please see forum rules]

Although unemployed, and in the middle of Corona crisis, I'd be willing to spend 20$ for complete edition of Anno 2205, this means all the DLCs and patches included, if the following criteria are met:

Absolutely necessary, but insufficient:
- Game must work offline 100%, no one is monitoring me without my explicit consent. If I'll want multiplayer, I'll get one.
- I have a workstation with i7 processor, 24Gb RAM and NVIDIA Quadro graphic card, but the game still freezes and crashes all the time: gold edition is a little better, but still not sufficient.
- I need more zoom out, and the game needs to obey and respect that, not constantly zoom in, without direct order to do so.
- Why do I constantly need to click several times in order for the game to obey my orders?
- There is a bug, showing the lack of Maintenance and Information centers, although there are sufficient capacities available all over the map.
- Regular version has a bug, showing minus in trade routes and production/consumption ratios, although there isn't one; gold edition has this fixed and it shows green or red arrows next to products.
- Why do I need to re-achieve the achievements for every new corporation, if I already have them, and on hard mode?
- Limiting the amount of credits to a top border is not acceptable, sorry - even a poor man or a dog can have millions.
- Battle AI is very insufficient, if ships, especially turtles, aren't under strict control, they make stupid decisions following orders. The same goes for the lunar buggy.
- Night light and speeding up/slowing down the game do not work at all.

Furthermore, to be sufficient:
- Health Center on the Moon and Security Center in Arctic aren't worth building, they cost much more than they bring the benefit.
- Needing to maintain 50k credits for Project: Danger Pay is totally worthless, as during this time all the power comes from fusion reactors, so who needs the dams? This can't be achieved without total Lunar and Arctic support, as only Investors can supply necessary funding.
- Some quests require certain amount of materials, only available by import, so why not limit it to that quantity? I only need fusion cells on Earth to upgrade spaceports, nothing else.
- Sooner or later, the stocks are full, but the industry still runs - why not automatically set it to halt for some time and save power and money? Arctic is an exception, as industry provides heating as well, but Lunar settlements are completely dependant to the Earth funding.
- If I have enough resources (iridium, graphene, etc), I need an option to copy the whole building with all the modules, not only the basic unit; for that, I can use build and don't require copy.

Last but not least, I want unlimited saving options, current Ironman can be added as an option.

Your game, my money, your choice. And I'm slowly loosing interest in the game ...