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    Life after 1800


    Old time annoholic here - just wanted to let the dev team know that 2205 remains the pinnacle of the series in my heart. 1800 was a day 1, download bar staring endeavor for me but having "completed" my first 1800 sandbox after the campaign; I'll still get the season pass to support you guys but I doubt I'll sink as many hours into it as 1800 is just not that interesting, challenging or revolutionary. Feels very much like a two steps forward two & three steps back affair, especially following the footsteps of 2070 and 2205.

    While I don't dislike the "classic" gameplay of 1800, 2070 felt much tighter. I much preferred the design direction of the 2205 and it's unfortunate, though somewhat understandable that you guys went back to the islands style. Hopefully now that 1800 captured a wider audience, you can justify a spin-off!

    I hope you guys will continue to innovate and not be afraid of taking risks in the future for the next installment!

    Faithfully yours,

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    I do like the gameplay mechanics in 1800 Anno, but I prefer the futuristic style of 2070 and 2205. A follow on futuristic game that uses the new game mechanics of 1800 would be great.
    And please let us make our own islands and maps for sandbox mode.
    I agree with the 2 steps forward and 3 back thing.
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