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    F6F-5N F(N)76 "Black Death" BuNo 78669 VMF(N)-542, Okinawa, June 1945. Flown by Major Robert B. Proter. Bruce Poter logged three victories while flying F4U's with VMF-121 in the Solomons during 1943. He became an ace on the night of 15th June 1945 when he shot down a 'Nick' and a 'Betty' mothership, complete with Ohka sucicide bomb, off the coast of Okinawa. Upon assuming command of VMF(N)-542 some weeks earlier, Porter had inherited the previous CO's (Major W C Kellum) 'F(N)76' which was the only Hellcat in the Squadron fitted with 20mm cannon armament. It was Adorned with the name Millie Lou, but the CO insisted opun a more war like name, and Chose Black Death. He also had a bottle of Schenley's whiskey painted on the starboard cowling. F(N)76 was stencilled in white on each gear door, and Porters victories were dislayed on the port side under the Cockpit.

    This is intended to represent a F6F-5N with radarpod on the starboard wing and 4 20mm Cannon, which we don't have. So to be historicaly correct as possilbe I would drop this in your F6F-5 Folder.

    Blank and Nomarking too.

    Bonus shot

    Credits in readme.


    Git it Flying-Legends.net
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    Hey! I remember reading about that guy.


    Nice job on the skin. gonna get it right now. Thanks in advance.
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    Excellent Detail on all of these Hellcat skin's that you have been working on lately.
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    I have just finished reading his book. I happen to have a copy signed by the Author to boot!
    It is rather good!

    His plane did not have 4 20mm cannon (it had a pair of 20mm cannon and 4 .50 cal machine guns)

    I quote from his book page. 259

    "I introduced myself and asked to see the Hellcat I would be flyingâ€"the only reason I could think of on short notice for being on the flight line. As soon as I learned that I was assigned to the same F6F-5N Hellcat flown by the previous skipper, Number 76, I pulled myself together to give the best impression (and impersonation of an officer) I could. As the three noncoms wordlessly looked on, I conducted a minute inspection of the airplane and muttered just loud enough to be heard, "The ground crew has done a damn fine job." In fact, I was very pleased with what I found. In addition to a gorgeously maintained airplane, I saw that I would be handling a mixed armory of four .50-caliber machine guns and two 20mm cannon. (I soon learned that 76 was the only Hellcat in the squadron armed with the cannon.)"

    There is a picture of the plane in question from his webpage here.


    His book also has a better picture of the plane.

    Here is a good picture of a 5N though not Porter's plane.

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