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    BMW R71s and R75s! And of course the allied counterparts like the Gnome Rhone, M-72, Dnepr, etc.
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    As a big fan of motorcycles, I would lean on the ''yes I agree with you'' but seriously, how many people are really going to care that much about new motorcycle models in this series?

    As much as I love bikes and would like to see more in the game, to strafe and what not, I've accepted that it's a complete waste of time and work, and not needed in any way whatsoever.

    Instead, you could could wish for more ships, or zeppelins, or stuff people would actually attack. I would love to see Betty Grable modeled in the series but... you see my point?

    But wishing for new bikes for BoB, that might work!!

    Birdie Num-nums
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    I've always wanted a German soldier on a bicycle. Go figure.
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    Horse drawn limbers and cassons would pretty cool .. and historically more accurate

    I believe there are some sort of game classification issues with shooting horses though. I find it odd that shooting pilots in chutes is OK but shooting horses is far too violent.
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    Originally posted by Clarkc:
    BMW R71s and R75s! And of course the allied counterparts like the Gnome Rhone, M-72, Dnepr, etc.
    you forgets the NSU

    here my NSU in Flight day Oppenheim 2005

    Gruß NSU
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    great bike ,love it.
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    Do I detect an Amal carb. on that NSU?
    Let us not forget that Triumph, BSA, Royal Enfield and Norton (extensively used by the R.A.F.) were heavily used by the Commonwealth troops.
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    What no mention of the WLA yet?

    So sexy
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    You fergot about the Indian Scout military models (I ferget what the designation is right at this moment.) and the Harley copy of a B.M.W. and the Indian with the transverse V-twin. (Only 1000 of each on the last two.)

    Please forgive the misspellings. It is late and I am having brainfarts. (Some accuse me of being a B.F.)
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