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    I'm from iran
    After playing division more than 453 hours i can't play it too since 8th october after server maintenance (delta c-1-200).
    Good news is they are aware of this issue
    And seems that only thing we can do is waiting and hoping they solve it quickly because i already missed 2 global events and division 2 is banned for iran.
    damn dude you are playing the division 1 on ps4 too?if u do do you use any kind of vpn to get in the game?and can u plz add me as your friend ? my id is pax_porya
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    it is not fixed yet

    ok now its getting really frustrating i just want to play the damn game guys isnt there any way to fix it? really? its been 2 weeks i have been contacting the support and they just send me a copy paste article about how sorry they are and they will fix it and now u guys closed my case its number is 13366395 cmon guys now even my friends cant play this game anymore why people in iran cant play this game anymore? if u guys cant fix it then give back my money so i can buy something else.
    sorry if im being rude but its getting on my nerve at this point
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    I can understand your frustration and I can only apologise.

    I have looked into this and it is still being investigated.
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    Anything new on delta c-1-200 on ps4 ?
    Now it's more than 6 months that I can't play this game.
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    Hello there Winchesters1723!

    We don't yet have any new updates regarding the investigation into the DELTA-C-1-200 error message. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

    Rest assured that once we have any new information to share, it will be posted within the forums.

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