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    Blood and Stone Bug - Cannot progress

    Xbox OneX - Disk Version AC Valhalla

    Just happened to me as well.

    Earlier in the game I had explored the tower and now the Rock will not move. I cannot progress in the main quest Blood and Stone.

    After the whole save game fiasko where I lost more than 10 hours of gameplay now this... I knew ubisoft do not value their Gamers but this is a new low.

    I unistalled the game and reinstalled with disk to patch 1.01 - Blocked the Internet and launched the game hoping that it will let me progress further, as we know that patch 1.02 caused the issue.

    Unfortunately when I launched the game all my saves were displaying Data Corrupted so I had to update to 1.02 in hope of rescuing my saves. Luckily my manual saves were fine after this.(manual because we have the whole save game bug as well).

    Honestly Ubisoft you treat your Gamers like Resort Owners treat the ignorant tourists.

    The sad fact is that most of us we are not ignorant and we had high hopes for this game.

    You may have doubled the launch day players since Odyssey but this is by far your worst Game Launch.

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    Same glitch that got me and they haven't even update their known issues thread yet, hopefully someone sees this and gets the work on this mess. This is a huge progression blocker, extremely disappointed in this game so far.
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    Trash, unreal you guys are this trashy

    No word yet from UBI about this crap. Talk about a sh^t show. How long has this game breaking bug been talked about and they have done / said nothing. I would love to watch who ever is in charge to get slapped in puiblic ! Fu$k UBISOFT
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