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    Pls Introduce a Patch For Unity and Syndicate for Xbox Series X and Playstation 5

    Please give Unity and Syndicate a Patch for Xbox Series X and PS5. Just unlock the FPS and Draw Distance. As you can see Unity has been gaining great traction in recent times in the community and also a lot of traction in content on the youtube scene. So if you add a small patch to unlock frame rates and improve draw distance for xbox series x and ps5 and other compatible devices it would be a really great fanservice to the franchise fans

    Also Unity is still good enough for if you keep bringing patches and content updates for it like Rainbow Six Siege. Maybe you could that Arno, Connor, Shay thing fans have been asking for so long

    It will give us more insight into both sides perspective and a final closure to these three's stories
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    Xbox Series X can finally run Assassin's Creed Unity at 60fps ... Patches followed, the game improved, but it took the arrival of PS4 Pro and Xbox ... stripped for the Syndicate follow-up, and it's fair to say that Asssassin's Creed ... Digital FoundryCapcom fixes Devil May Cry 5's 120Hz support for PlayStation 5 iMessage App
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    Just unlocking the FPS and draw distance would be awsome - also for PC players.
    I know that im basicly bumping every post regarding this topic but i would really like to see some improvements made on those "old" titles.

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