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    Disable DLC (temporary)


    Is it possible to temporary disable dlc, by any chance?
    I have try to disable it from steam (like others game used to be). But, it is not working with this game (ANNO-2205).

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Hello m_c_d_w, welcome to the Anno forums!

    If you would like to disable the DLC in your game, you will have to temporarily uninstall the DLC altogether.

    If you right click on the game within your Steam library and select 'Properties' go to the DLC tab in the games properties panel and uncheck the DLC files you do not wish to play, this should uninstall them from your game.

    If you would like to reinstall them, just navigate to this menu again and recheck the DLC boxes, this will then start an update and redownload them back into your game.
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