Hello everyone,

We're pushing a new update focusing on the Cup of the Day and other fixes:

+ Fixed "server not found" in Cup of The Day
+ Added final rank of the cup in the Cup of The Day
+ Displayed in the main menu when the Cup of The Day is about to start and is ongoing
+ Improved general joining flow in Cup of The Day
+ Activated record saving in Knock Out phase of Cup of The Day
+ Fixed differential times in Cup of The Day (missing zeros)
+ Fixed time gap display in round-based modes (for Cup of The Day too)
+ Added possibility to click on players in the live ranking to spectate them in Cup of The Day

+ Added score table, time gap, laps counter, and many others to be customizable UI via xmlrpc
+ Improved the display of the rank when passing through a checkpoint
+ Added name of the local server in the loading screen when joining one
+ Improved UI of events

Thanks and see you on track!