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    When will you resolve the problem with the subscription?

    Please, just let us know, when will you have the issues with the ubisoft+ resolved? I just payed for it, got confirmation and started downloading a game. All of sudden, my subscription was canceled. I still haven't got my money back, which makes it 3 days now. Nobody messaged me back from your support service. On top of things, ubisoft connect tries to take the money from my bank account automatically. (Thank god i spend my last money on it so they cant take anything) What am i supposed to do now? If i get my money back, will it be taken from my bank account automatically again? In which case i fear the subscription suspension will happen again.

    I want to know what will happen because:

    -I got subscription confirmation, starting from 16.11.20 to 16.12.20
    -Then i got information about my subscription being suspended. (Even after i got access to your 100 ubisoft+ games and downloading one).
    -In The email of suspension of my subscription there was an information about getting my money back in 24 hours. (Which i didn't recieved back)
    -Will the Money be taken from me again automatically? If so, i want my subscription to not be canceled again.
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    Same issue

    I have a very similar / same issue.

    I had 20 EUR on my card so i bought the 15 EUR Ubisoft+ subscription because i was planning on playing AC Valhalla for a month.
    After my purchase went through (i got confirmation by Ubisoft itself AND my bank), i downloaded the game and managed to play for 90 mins.

    After this 90 mins, the game dropped me and i got the message "your subscription is suspended".
    I was told that the authorisation hold couldn't go through because i had no money left on my card (???, i did pay 15 EUR from the 20 i had) and they tried to take more and more, atleast 3 times.

    So basically, this 15 EUR subscription seems like it either costs more or it is completly bugged for many of us. Even if had 1000 EUR on my card, i would only pay 15 EUR for something that is advertised as 15 EUR for one month. I should be able to play with the subscription for one month and then cancel / suspend it if i don't have enough on my card.

    I also have no idea if i am getting back my 15 EUR or if they are fixing this. They don't reply on Twitter, Facebook. Live Chat didn't help at all, they were blaming my bank.

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