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    Very Unstable FPS


    I am having low fps and low performance issues since OCT 20th.

    Division 2 has lost almost 15fps-20fps for me. After over 200hrs of gameplay, the performance has gone down real hard. I have tried all fixes possible from my end:

    1. verifying the game files
    2. re-installing the entire game
    3. re-installing uplay/ubisoft connect
    4. clearing cache for Nvidia
    5. re-installing Windows 10 (twice - once with older drivers ; then with latest cumulative package)
    6. using latest drivers for AMD and NVIDIA
    7. using the last known best working driver for me for AMD and NVIDIA

    Nothing has changed anything. the fps on the home screen has always been an indicator for me to determine performance. Its usually at 103 but now sits at 90. the in game fps, in WONY, never fell below 65fps on the settings of my choice (medium) but now is dipping below 45fps, while in Washington, during gunfire, its dropping below 35 (it never went below 50 in Washington).

    all other games I am currently playing are performing normally as before, namely:

    Division 1 (yes, division 1 is working awesome)
    Doom Eternal
    Devil May Cry 5
    Halo Master Chief Collection
    Gears Tactics
    Persona 5

    Another thing I have noticed is that the shadercache folder in the game save location is not forming anymore. I play on dx12 and that folder has stopped forming. DX11 and DX12 are giving exact same fps while DX11 is outperforming in some areas. This has also not happened before with DX12 always being 15-20 fps ahead of DX11 and much more stable.

    I have an Asus TUF fx505dt laptop with a GTX1650 (driver: 457.30; game is set to Utilize GPU for Max Performance in Quality and Prefer Maximum Performance in Power Management Mode) and AMD 3550H CPU, Windows 10 Build 19042.630 (Enabled: Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling) with 16gb RAM.

    Its not a great system, i know, but the game was still performing great till October19th. I have tried to give as much detail as possible. I still play the game, but rarely as the constant fps drops makes it very difficult.

    Kindly help!
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    Hi MaxSteel9011!

    Sorry to hear you are having performance issues since the October update.

    Thank you for the information and detailed troubleshooting you have done. In this situation, we would need to start looking at system files. Can you please create a support ticket and include your Dxdiag and MSinfo files?

    Please do share the URL of this thread in your message in that ticket so the team can see this information as well.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have created a case for the same - CASE NUMBER 13318675. Just hope it can get resolved. Been trying for someone to help for nearly a month now.
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    Thanks for letting us know that, MaxSteel9011. Please note that our team is working very hard as of late to contact everyone back as soon as they can while contact volumes have been higher than normal. We apologise for any delay in getting back to you, and ask for your patience at this time.

    I've taken a quick look over your case, and I can see that you haven't tried disabling background applications. Some programmes, such as overlays, can interfere with game files and cause issues like low fps or crashes. It might be worth trying a clean boot to see if any background applications are causing these issues.

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    Hello guys, I play a lot of games but nothing is as far behind as the 2nd class, ghost brace point with medium settings 70 fps assassie creed odysey though, but the division is very lagging, a little optimization maybe, thanks in advance.
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    No background apps are running. I never use any overlays. I have turned off the background apps in the settings of Windows 10 as well. Tried all the tips and tricks from here, reddit, general search through Google and other forums. No luck so far.

    Also, I am having to play on medium settings throughout with a 1650 card which is not too far behind the recommended 1080p 60fps option. But the fps drops are below 30 at times. It's become more unstable off late. Yesterday, my agent just froze in one place. I could move the camera around, as if I were in camera mode, while all other background activities were ongoing and the enemy was still shooting at me.

    I understand that with the holidays coming and work from home still active it takes time. Was just hoping somehow it could get fixed before TU12 dropped or season 4 came . With the optimisation option popping up with tu12, it just feels as if you guys might be moving on to Div3, and don't think my 1650 will be enough to run that game,next gen and all. Just wanted to enjoy division till my laptop can run it...

    For now i just open the game to finish the weekly project and close it. Can't really play much. Fingers crossed something clicks and it starts working again.
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    Can you DM us copies of your DXDiag and MSInfo files via either Twitter DM or Facebook PM so we can look deeper into this
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    It's already uploaded at the case number mentioned above. CASE NUMBER 13318675.

    Have already sent the files a few times since Oct 20th.via twitter. But you can access it via my case number.

    i tried playing more yesterday and today. I have seen a 2-4 fps rise since the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday (still about 10fps lower than before). Fps Stability in many areas has improved. Some drop below 50 but not 30 anymore.. Hopefully whatever the devs are doing will fix things, not just for me but everyone facing low performance off late.
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    Thanks for the update on this, MaxSteel9011.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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    After tu 12 update stability has become worse than when the issue started. Am now at 86fps at title screen and it dipped below 20fps, twice, with just 15 mins of gameplay..
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    Still stutters after TU12
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    USe DX11, it stuttering, freeze and massive fps drop. Use dx12 , it send me back to my desktop... Boom.. Game Crashed... Annoying...
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    Originally Posted by Miss_Elaine Go to original post
    USe DX11, it stuttering, freeze and massive fps drop. Use dx12 , it send me back to my desktop... Boom.. Game Crashed... Annoying...
    Yeah it seems for those who have had dx12 crash issues (been there for a long long time based on all the complaints on this forum), now dx11 is also being weird.. For those like me, whose dx12 was working fine, some now have lower fps than before and game seems laggy even when 60 fps is shown on screen (I have lost almost 15-20fps and on a mod/lower end card it is much more visible and annoying than higher end cards).

    Not sure if the team is even working on a fix or not as I can't see it mentioned anywhere under known issues. And the team here is also not confirming if this is being worked on.. Guess season 4 will be a lag filled event for some of us.
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