It seems the User Interface developers are doing thier best to alienate their customers in the poor quality of the UI design and ridiculous changes they have implemented. I have been playing all AC games since they came out and I have to say that the Sound and Visual and story in Valhalla is 10/10, howver the UI devlopment in Valhalla is horrificly bad. Here is my extensive list of terrible decisions and poor judgement on the part of the UI devlopers and they need tobe corrected or the people responsbile should not touch code ever again. These errors are mostly in particular order of imortance but all are found within the game as of version 1.02 and posted on 11/16/2020

1.) Problem one is getting to this page to post is terrible. On Valhalla Discord a link is given to go to:
Upon landing on this page the login button as shown here never updates the page but opens a NEW tab or window and it is that window that frustrates a user from actually logging into the page to start posting. This login button is broken as far as login and posting on the link provided. The given link above should update not open a NEW window or browser tab to start posting. Also, the new window that is opened does not update and go back to the original place of "Home > Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Player Support" so both procedures are broken and require the player to start all the way form the base website page. This makes the Discord link USELESS! Please fix this or out of frustration and many times of trying. People will quit and not reports errors.

2.) Pressing the E key to move an ground object forces a person to unattach the avatar from the object by pressing the C key. All other AC games had it as E to attach and start moving with the object and E to to deattach and go back to adventuring. For some reason in this version of AC this was changed to a C key to deattach. WHY WAS THIS DONE? No amount of manuevering shows the incorrect key of C as a hint on the screen and one has to exit the game and go back in and forego moving things until the C was discovered (much later by pure chance of banging on the keyboard). Why would the devs do this? Leave it at as E and E DO NOT Change it to E and C because the C popup is not shown and a player has no knowledge of how to deattach themselves from the moveable floor units to move them on the ground and find treasures. Once you attach you stand there and can not release this is RIDICULOUS! Frustration at waste time.

3.) Foraging for food (rations) as a complete waste of time in the totality of the game. I have after many battles realized that despite being clever and tactical you must fight multiple enemies and you do get hurt as they surround you. You then have to forage for the stupid bushes which are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN THE VICINITY. You must leave the zone you are fighting and go find bushes of berries or mushrooms and by doing so RESPAWNS the camp or base completely and you back to square one. WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU DO THIS???? Why is it we have to mindlessly forage for food because our Health does not auto-regen out of combat? Foraging for stupid berries that are nowhee to be found along entire valleys and sides of mountains is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME and anti-fun!!! This is an ANTI-FUN endeaver and makes people want to quit playing! No one wants to forage for berries in the freakin middle of combat are you people insane??? Please bring back the auto-regen of health. Whomever designed this 'feature' in Vlahalla should be prevented from ever touching game code ever again! Idiotic code this is! I am playing now on the "Normal" setting as before I was playing on "Hard" I now forage for 2 hours in the game for every 1 hour of combat, roughly per day. On Hard it was over 4 hours of foraging for stupid berries for every one hour of combat activities. THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME AND BORING!!! I did not login to forage berries as a game, this is MORONIC!

4.) Keys are pressing when on a boat or land and the UI does the EXACT opposite as the pressed key does. When manuvering a boat the D key makes the boat turn right except most of the time it turns LEFT (no the key is not inverted!) If you press the W key you should attack by going forward but the avatar goes and attacks object BEHIND him or DOWN (toward the camera) when the W key is pressed. WHO DESIGNED THIS STUPID KEY SYSTEM? THIS IS MORONIC! if you press a key it should go in THAT direction not its opposite. This hapens OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. I have shown this manuver in my stream repeatedly and I die so many ties in fast moving combat as the avatar moves in completely the oppoisite direction and even jumps off of cliffs when on a roof of a castle and dies when I clealry told it GO left, it goes right, go up and he goes down. THIS IS STUPIDLY BAD! Please fire the UI developer! They are ruining this franchise cuasing mutliple reloads because the UI design is TERRIBAD!!!

5.) Attacking the Iron ore nodes makes the avatar lunge passed the object that is being cracked to get at the ore to then backtrack and pickup the ore. The avatar should not lunge PAST a stationary object to then waste time to pickup the object on the ground. After hundreds of these iron ore accumulation this entire process is montenous, boring and completley ANTI-FUN! At least the stupid avatar should move correctly and not waste our time as it has to go back to the iron node that it just hit to gathers its contents. Along this line I also end up standing ON TOP of the iron ore deposit (chests do this too) and swing at the object below which of course misses. If the deposit is below me and I am standing on it and I have to manuver on these narrow ledges wasting time across 5-7 such nodes per encounter and they all do this!

The horse sometimes cracks these nodes with its hooves and other times jumps over it and why it works and does not is a freakin mystery. ALL MOUNTED iron ore procurement should work regardless of relative proximity to the iron deposit. At least we can go from deposit to desposit and gather faster. This entire process is BORING, UNEVENTFUL and ANTI-FUN! STOP WASTING OUR TIME with poor UI design what the heck is the matter with these terrible developers? After about 100 of such manuvers you start wondering why you ever bought this patheitcally bad UI designed game in the first place. FIX THIS PLEASE!

6.) Relatively small ledges of hills (even small cliffs) make the horse ineligible to jump down. In all previous version of AC you could FORCE the horse to jump down. You may kill your mount and have it respwan later but in this version it is 100% not going to move over a ledge even TINY LEDGES!!! The pathing of ledge edges with a hourse is HORRIFICLY BAD! Who designed this system? A gentle rolling slope with a tiny ledge prevents the horse from going over it and escape the enemy so you MUST face the enemy and ride right at them as they chase you and you die! WTF, why would you change thie pathing to be so STUPIDLY different? This is just moronic!

This UI is going BACKWARDS in game evolution not forwards! The music and graphics are superior but this UI and its many flaws is so bad it is the reason people will get frustrated and QUIT PLAYING this visually stunning game. The UI developers need to be fired and new ones brought in. It needs a serious overhaul or at the very least MORE attention. NO ONE and I mean no one playing this game will deal with these many serious flaws to the UI over time. I have more to add to this list but this post is long enough.

I hope this UI can be repaired soon!