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Reminder, that since our update earlier this week, we are now supporting the FOV slider on all generations of PS4 & Xbox One.

Keep in mind that changing the default value might impact the overall visual quality of the game, as it affects the dynamic resolution scaling.

Default value: 80
Minimum value: 70
Maximum value: 105

Developer Notes: You may have noticed the default FOV value has changed from 65 to 80. In fact, the value remains the same, but we converted our FOV measurements from Vertical (65) to Horizontal (80) to match player preference.

Patch 2.2 adjusts some of the changes from patch 2.1 and fixes a major issue with the Komodo.

While we intended to make the Komodo more efficient & popular, the goal was not to make it a dominant primary weapon. Its brutal rise was primarily caused by a bug in the radius of its explosion. It has now been fixed, and we also took the opportunity to increase a bit the value of a few under-performing weapons.

PSA: This update is a server-side data update only, which means these changes are not reflected in the testing ground area of the game. The changes are available during matches only. Our next full client patch will update these values in the Testing Ground.


Explosion Area of Effect: 4R (previously 5.5R)
Rate of Fire: 95 RPM (previously 110)

Developer Notes: The explosion AoE (Area of Effect) of the Komodo was supposed to have been increased from 2.5R to 3.5R in patch 2.1. Unfortunately, the actual value had been incorrectly set to 5.5R which explains why it had become so powerful. The AoE has mostly been reverted to the initial intention from patch 2.1, while keeping a bit of margin to make sure the weapon stays comfortable to use. The RoF (Rate of Fire) has also been reduced to make the weapon a bit less oppressing. We will monitor those changes closely in the coming week and re-adjust if necessary.

Increased damage per pellet across Fusion to 5/5/5/5/6 (previously 4/4/4/4/5)
Critical Hit Multiplier: 1.25 (previously 1.5)

Developer Notes: The Mammoth Shotgun had not benefited from any buff lately, while most weapons received aim-assist or damage increases. The damage per pellet boost will make it more efficient in term of raw damage output, but the reduced critical hit modifier (aka “headshots”) will make sure it is still unable to 1-shot kill an opponent, even at full fusion.


Increased damage across Fusion to 10/10/10/10/12 (previously 9/9/9/9/11)
Lock Timer: 0.1s (previously 0.5s)
Critical Hit Multiplier: 1 (previously 1.5)

Developer Notes: The D-TAP stays globally one of the least used weapons of the game; the increased damage and reduced lock timer should make it more reliable. The change on the critical hit modifier means the D-TAP will no longer deal critical damage (landing critical hits with this weapon was not intended and was only an unreliable trick shot for expert, this makes the gun more predictable/less exploitable)

Increased damage across Fusion to 48/52/57/62/68 (previously 43/47/53/60/68)

Developer Notes: The Skybreaker’s damage increase affects only low fusion levels. The maximum damage output of the weapon is unchanged. This will make it more useful during the early phase of a match.


Increased Health Regen Speed

Developer Notes: The health regeneration change generated a lot of feedback. While we consider the longer delay for regen to kick-in (15s) to be a positive change for the pacing and lethality of combat, we agree the Health Regen Speed itself was now too slow. It has been strongly increased, but the Health Regen Trigger Delay stays at 15s.

Second Chance Duration: 6:20 (previously 4:40)

Developer Notes: The Second Chance mechanic is having a positive effect on Solo Crown Rush matches, allowing new players to participate for longer duration, and learn the game faster. We are extending its duration to 6:20 to let more players enjoy it. As before, this mechanics is restricted to Solo Crown Rush matches only.