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    I need an update on meta

    Hey, I haven't played Siege in a while(since October Last year) and I'd be very glad if you could tell me how the meta has changed and stuff like that.
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    Sorry you probably already researched it, but if you still are interested in an answer, the meta has become very intel heavy. With the new yellow ping system, using mute, mozzie, valk, and zero has never been more important. The meta has also became more about clearing utility, though I think that's always been a part of siege (just now a little to much imho haha, its not quite as bad though as everyone makes it out to be).

    Apart from that I don't remember what much has change significantly other than guns having new sights, which has been refreshing.
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    There have been many changes, I think specially with the introduction of new gadgets like the Gonne-6 and Hard Breach charge. I've written some a few up to guides on some of the operators like Glaz, Dokkaebi, and Castle on how to use the new meta.

    Or if you're more into watching videos, Macie Jay's youtube channel still actively posts Siege content. Honestly, when it comes to gameplay, Macie Jay is probably the best youtuber out there.
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