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    AC Valhalla - can't start quest "The Poor-Fellow Soldier"

    I can't kill last member of Order of Ancients.

    I finished all main story missions, conquered all locations and killed 44 members of Order of Ancients.

    When I go to village this should happens: https://youtu.be/_eLnSQq4KRM?t=2517 (Hytham is near longhouse and gives new quest "The Poor-Fellow Soldier")

    But in my game Hytham is in his house as usual and he doesn't have any quest for me.
    This is my game: https://imgur.com/a/5woLVt4
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    I experience the exact same situation.
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    Le père

    Il faut tuer les 44 membre s de l'ordre des anciens
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    Yeah im experiencing this exact same thing right now on the Xbox series X. Havent came across a fix or workaround yet so think that's brought my game to a halt
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    I have however killed all order members and zealots. And it still won't start this interaction
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    I'm also experiencing this bug.

    The game game gave me the option to hand in 15 Order medallions to Hytham which triggered a dialogue as if Eivor already met the Father and know his identity.
    I finished all alliances except for the Winchester one so I had around 4 targets locked behind the campaign and yet it triggered that dialogue somehow.
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    i complete the Poor fellow soldier quest, i then receive the key, but dialog ends there, and progression stops, this is on Xbox series x
    guess story stops for me, and i will not start over, how a main story line bug such as this makes it live is beyond me
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    Yeah I have the exact same issue. Killed all the Zealots and other order members and it won't trigger the quest.
    Fun thing is that I had the same thing happening with Hytham, by talking to him and completing "all order members" prior to actually killing them...

    I contacted the Support team but they weren't able to help and will track this bug further. Would be a real shame if I would have to start over again...
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    Same here...
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    Same. I know the exact area where the bug occurred for me (talking to Hytham after rescuing Sigurd) but that is almost 30 hours wasted if I have to continue from that point on.


    Here are a few screenshots of the bug I experience including the dialogue that bug and the last few quest I finished that might help find this issue.
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