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    Watch the Combine match this Saturday 8PM (CET) & Sunday at 6PM (CET)!

    The Combine match will take place this weekend to close out the TMGL Fall 2020 Season. The bottom 8 TMGL players who didn't qualified for the final will face the top 8 Open Grand League players.

    The Combine consists of four challenges that will be played throughout the whole weekend to showcase the strengths of each player participating. The 16 players will start with the Knockout and a regular TMGL 6-lap step on Saturday evening from 8 PM CET. The show will continue Sunday at 6 PM CET with Time Attack and Final mode from 7 PM CET.

    At the end of the Combine, the two best placed players from Open Grand League in the top 8 will be guaranteed the promotion while at most two worst placed TMGL players in bottom 8 will be demoted. If OGL players do not beat the TMGL champions, there will not be a guaranteed spot for them during Winter 2021 Season.

    Streams of TMGL players will be available here

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