Welcome to the PTS!

We’re glad to see that you are participating in the Public Test Server for the upcoming Title Update 12. The PTS is a developer build meaning that some things you encounter will be a work in progress, bugs might be present and balance changes might not be final. We want you to be a part of the journey to make TU12 the best it can be, and we highly encourage you to leave your feedback and bug reports on the dedicated PTS forums.

For the first PTS phase, we’d like feedback on these topics in particular:
  • The Optimization Station
  • New Weapons & Gear
  • New Skill Variant – Achilles Pulse
  • General Game Balance (PvE & PvP)

If you have thoughts on other aspects of the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!

The following content will be disabled during the TU12 PTS and is not accessible to participants.
  • Season 4
  • New Global Event
  • Global Event Shop

New Feature: Optimization Station

Title Update 12 marks the return of a powerful tool for your endgame builds – the Optimization Station. With it, you’ll be able to wring the full potential out of each piece of gear you use for a price. The Optimization Station will be a new menu accessible via the Recalibration Station and will require newly introduced resource currencies to operate. With it, you can improve gear Attributes beyond their current rolls to their upper limits.
  • Upgrade the attributes of any weapon or gear piece in your inventory step-by-step to their maximum values.
  • Requires new materials sourced from all over the game.
  • Alloys and Weaves - Acquired by deconstructing High-end or better loot.
  • Tactical Assessments - Acquired by defeating final bosses in missions, bounties, and the summit. (Greater difficulties yield larger amounts.)
  • Field Recon Data - Acquired by completing Control Points in the LZ, Landmarks in the DZ, and some Summit floors. (Greater difficulties yield larger amounts.)
  • SHD Calibration - Rewarded for certain daily and weekly projects.
  • All materials may be crafted. Crafting blueprints may be rewarded from high-tier control points or from project completion.
  • SHD Calibration + Field Recon Data can also be acquired from Summit Caches which are rewarded for completing the new Summit Challenges

The Summit Improvements

Developer comment: With the TU12 changes to The Summit, we want to round out the experience with a new progression system, commendations and more.

Summit Challenges
  • Players can activate two Summit Challenges at a time
    • 1 Tactical + 1 Ascent
    • These are specific to each player, but in groups it is likely more advantageous to have the same Challenges activated together
  • Each Summit Challenge can be completed only once per 1-100 climb
    • All finished Challenges reset once you've finished floor 100
    • In progress ones maintain their state
  • Rewards increase per Challenge completed
    • Rewards include Targeted Loot items, Summit Challenge Caches (which have Optimization & Recal Materials), XP and more
  • New tab on Mega-Map screen to activate these Challenges

  • Added 15 new commendations for the Summit

Additional Gameplay Improvements
  • Adjusted Summit Weekly project to now only require completing 30 floors
  • Completing every third floor and every tenth floor now rewards an additional targeted loot item
    • This would be on completing floors: 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, ..., 96, 99, 100
  • Added a new objective type and a couple new objective variants
  • Adjusted the frequency of specific objectives
    • This should make encountering multiple drone objectives in a row less frequent
  • Adjusted the frequency of Rogue Agent encounters in the Summit
    • Reduced cooldown between when you can encounter Rogues a second time

New Exotics

  • Exotic Shotgun - Scorpio
    • Shotgun based upon the SIX12.
    • Talent - Septic Shock
      • Shooting a target applies stacks of venom, which last for 10s. Increasing stacks adds more severe debuffs to the target.
        • 1 - Poison (PVP Bleed)
        • 3 - Disorient (PVP Disrupt)
        • 6 - Shock (PVP Ensnare)
        • 7 - Target takes 20% damage (from all sources)

  • Exotic Holster - Waveform
    • Talent - Alternating Current
      • Generate a stack of 3% Skill Damage on one of your skills every second, capping at 10 stacks. After 10 seconds at the cap the stacks transfer to your other skill. The process then repeats ad-infinitum.

  • Exotic - Capacitor
    • Assault Rifle based upon the PDR.
    • Rewarded by completing 5 Summit Challenge in a single ascent
    • Talent - Capacitance
      • Shooting enemies builds stacks to a cap of 50. Each stack grants 1% Skill Damage. After 5 seconds, stacks decay 1 per second.
      • For each utility core gain 5% Weapon Damage.

New Gear Set

Set bonuses:
  • 2+ Piece Bonus
    • +15% Skill Haste
  • 3+ Piece Bonus
    • 15% Skill Duration
  • 4+ Piece Bonus
    • Tend and Befriend
      • Interacting with your deployed skills grants the skill 25% skill damage for 10s. This buff cannot be refreshed.
  • Interactions include:
    • Using / Deploying the Skill
    • Changing the skills target
    • Healing the skill
  • 4+ Chest:
    • Increase the damage buff from 25% to 50%
  • 4+ Backpack
    • Cancelling your skills will reset their cooldown.

New Skill Variant

Achilles Pulse
  • Target a single enemy with a pulse which identifies weaknesses, highlights them and causes any damage to those areas to take extra headshot damage. Useful for solo snipers, or as a support skill user painting targets for your teammates.
  • Note: This skill will become unlockable in-game when the Prime Target of Season 4 becomes available but is available on the PTS for feedback and testing purposes.

New Named Items

Tactical .308 Marksman Rifle: Scalpel
  • Talent - Future Perfection
    • Weapon kills grant +1 skill tier for 19s. Stacks up to 3 times.
    • Weapon kills at skill tier 6 grant overcharge for 15s.
    • Overcharge Cooldown: 90s

PDR Assault Rifle: Test Subject
  • Talent - Perfectly In Sync
    • Hitting an enemy grants +20% skill damage for 5s.
    • Using a skill or damaging an enemy with a skill grants +20% weapon damage for 5s.
    • Damage increases are doubled while both buffs are active at the same time.

Empress International Chest: Caesar's Guard
  • Talent - Perfectly Skilled
    • Skill kills have a 30% chance to reset skill cooldowns.

Empress International Backpack: Battery Pack
  • Talent - Perfectly Calculated
    • Kills from cover reduce skill cooldowns by 15%

New Gear Brand

Empress International
Set bonuses:
  • 1: +10% Skill Health
  • 2: +10% Skill Damage
  • 3: +10% Skill Efficiency

New Weapons
Marksman Rifle: Tactical .308
Assault Rifle: PDR

New Directive

  • Ragers
    • "Killing an enemy fills the Rage Meter of nearby hostiles. Rage depletes over time. A full Rage Meter makes an enemy "Enraged" (which grants overheal). Killing an Enraged enemy removes all the rage from nearby hostiles. An empty Rage Meter makes an Enraged enemy return to normal."
    • Replaces the Special Ammo directive in Mission and Global Difficulty selection
    • This directive is also available in the Summit (which increases the total selectable directives to 10 for the Summit)

Gameplay Changes

New Functionality: Skill Pickup
  • The Turret skill platform can now be picked up after being deployed. The pickup functions in the same way as the Hive pickup, (the player presses and holds the skill button whilst next to the skill). The turret cooldown will be reduced, either based on remaining duration or remaining ammo. The less duration or ammo remaining, the longer the cooldown it will go onto.

New Functionality: ‘Always show mask’ option
  • The ability to toggle your mask on/off anywhere will now be available as an option for those who want to fine tune the look of their agents.

Mod Filtering UI Improvements
  • Can filter out by type (Defensive, Offensive, Utility)
  • Can also filter by specific mod type (Critical Hit Chance, Health, Skill Haste, etc.)


  • Bighorn
    • Increased magazine size to 40 (from 30)

  • Inventory Space
    • Increased the inventory space for each character to 150 (from 100)
  • Increased the number of loadouts for Inventory and Apparel to 16 (from 12)
  • This applies to each character on an account.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Magnetic Disc skill mod description to match its effects.
  • Fixed the Technicians and Demolitionist Specialization Weapons being misaligned on the Future Initiative Radio Carrier backpack.
  • Fixed the Firewall Specialization Weapon being misaligned on multiple backpacks.
  • Fixed a broken animation on the True Sons tank appearing destroying the ammo pack then switching weapons.
  • Fixed the RC Sawblade car not attacking players as intended.
  • Fixed mission difficulty changes not persisting when matchmaking.
  • Fixed occurrences of players being able to go out of bounds.
  • Fixed Morozova’s RPG shot not cancelling after her armor is depleted during phase 2 and 3.
  • Fixed destroyed player skills not dropping Memento Trophies when wearing the Memento backpack in a PvP session.
  • Fixed incorrect timings for Kenley College in the progression tracker.
  • Fixed overlapping threat detection messaging when performing a total discharge on a group of enemies in the SHD Exposed Global Event.
  • Fixed Global Settings timer not appearing in the menu under certain circumstances when deactivating/activating a Global Event.
  • Fixed the Memento’s long-term buff resuming from its previous number of stacks after expiring when picking up a trophy.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting and re-entering matchmaking will incorrectly increase the difficulty.
  • Fixed UI issues appearing when both Cool Skills and Scavenged Skills directives are active.
  • Fixed players being able to deal unintended amounts of damage with the Firewall specialization weapon in the Conflict PvP mode.
  • Fixed a clipping issue present when wearing the Black Tactical Shirt.
  • Fixed the Unstoppable Force talent incorrectly activating when killing wildlife.
  • Fixed a trophy box becoming unlootable after having used a character boost.
  • Fixed an issue with the Operation Iron Horse raid that could cause a boss encounter not to end if a disconnected, downed agent reconnects when the rest of the group is at the pilot.
  • Fixed missing textures for the “Langley Reports” category in the collectible’s menu.
  • Fixed the Armor Regen stat not working as intended in the shooting range.
  • Fixed Ubisoft Connect challenges displaying incorrect values.
  • Fixed Ubisoft Connect challenges not rewarding XP as intended.
  • Fixed the mortars in the final Operation Iron Horse fight not being able to hit the agents during the carpet bombing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fragile Armor directive where the player would see his own broken armor stacks on other party members UI instead of their actual stacks.
  • Fixed chosen directives not applying when in the lobby menu in The Summit.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get teleported back to the lobby of The Summit when starting to matchmake.
  • Fixed an issue causing story mode difficulty to incorrectly be available to players in The Summit.
  • Fixed an area where NPC’s would get stuck in their spawn closets on a specific The Summit floor.
  • Fixed an issue where players could incorrectly matchmake for Washington D.C. missions before completing the Warlords of New York campaign.