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    guest-U4029BGL they can.

    The Sander guy clearly doesn't have any idea how game development works and is just a 9 years old kid trying to look cool on forums by posting misleading information.

    To anyone else, THEY CAN MAKE THE GAME 40K 60FPS and improve the quality, but we'll just have to wait and see.

    CyberJayOne: spamming the mods won't speed things up

    BTW Sander if you want to go on FORUMS commenting stuff like that when you have no idea how games work go and first LEARN and then come back. They can do it as every other game does it, why should the next-gen players be held back by someone like you that has no idea how things work, on the old CONSOLES they will just keep the CURRENT SETTINGS, and for the next-gen they will UPGRADE the Game
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    Thank you for your patience and understanding with this, Infl3encer and guest-U4029BGL.

    We've no information to share on this at the moment, but all your feedback has been noted. I can certainly understand that graphics improvements for the latest generation of consoles would be great, so I'll have my fingers crossed for you. I hope you are all able to enjoy the new content in the meantime
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    Thank you. at least it seems that we are being listened to by the Ivory Tower devs and the Ubisoft people. We are all crossing our fingers that in the next big update there will also be an improvement in performance and graphics!
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    We are happy to help! It's always great to see the passion that our players have for our games. If we have any updates to provide we will be sure to post here.
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