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    Well I beat the game last night and was surprised to see the completed memory sequence 14 when I had just finished 11.

    Does anyone else notice this?

    When I go to the DNA part of the start menu it shows that they are all there but i can't access those that were skipped.

    ALSO i am not able to go to the other side of florence, across the bridge. it just says memory not available at this time. Did something go wrong with my game? Help!
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    I think your talking about southern florence. Which to my best guess is never open (as you leave the city and no more story unfolds there).

    I also dont have 12 and 13 open. no idea whats up with that.
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    also, do you have all 22 weapons or are you at 21 of 22?
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    If you remember those memories got screwed up. Thats why you skip.
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    yea those are the memories that they said are corrupted
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    It's because the data was corrupted remember? So what's her face looked for the closest memory which is 14 and leads to the end of the game
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    oooooohhhh. I gotcha

    also, does anyone else think it was weird that this game takes places over like 20 years?

    like 2 years passes between almost everything.....would these people get things done faster??
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    Well, to be honest, I believe it adds more depth and reality, I mean, for starters, if you assassinated someone high in the food chain, you'd expect the rest to hide and cower away until they felt a little safer.

    So, the fact that it was over time, added more depth to the story.

    Between those times he could have been planning and living a life? XD
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    I think they planned on using Southern Firenze for sequence 12-13 but developer ran out of time so they just cut that section out. I'm really disappointed that they would do that because the fact that Southern Florence is closed off from exploration it is really aggravating.
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    Maybe a future DLC...
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