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    Incomplete installation

    Hello, I purchased the game through Epic games site when i started playing at the launch time i played until Eivor travels from Norway to England. I am unable to travel England, an error is showing you cannot continue as the game is not fully installed. Please guide me to resolve the issue.

    NOTE: I downloaded the game through epic launcher, when i launch the game it redirected to Uplay and started redownload the game but i paused the download ,is that an issue
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    Hey Raviteja_1993,

    I would reinstall the game fully as directed by Epic Games, and only launch the game up once the full installation process is complete. Please make sure as well that you have added administrator rights to Ubisoft Connect / the Epic Games Launcher to make sure there are no issues with writing the content to your HDD or SSD.

    If you still need assistance after that, please post on our new Player Support forums for the game here; these forums are no longer in use! Thank you!
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