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    TU2.10 Bug fixes

    DedSec, we’re deploying a patch for Xbox One tomorrow, and for PlayStation 4 later in the week. For Xbox One, we’re taking an incremental approach to deploying stability fixes. As the first step, this patch will improve game stability and address many of the crashes experienced by our players on the platform. We thank you for your patience, and will continue to monitor your feedback as we work to bring a better gaming experience for everyone.

    Xbox One

    • Resource optimization improvements for User Interface, Textures and AI that decrease crashes occurring during gameplay.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when exiting to main menu.
    • General stability improvements for the in-game areas “Carousel Plaza”, “Slaughterhouse” and “Tower of London”.


    • Fixed an issue that caused “Doomed” Operatives to immediately meet their doom after recruitment. What do we say to the god of death?
    • Fixed an issue that caused highly reflective clothes to appear as black in the Team App.

    Update (11/11): The patch is now be live for Xbox One users.
    Update (11/12): TU 2.1 is now also live for PlayStation 4 players.
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    Tomorrow when?
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    It’s about time!!!

    I’ve been waiting for this
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    Still nothing for corrupted saves on PC?
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    I'm sorry I already think we will all be back here after it crashes again. I think for digital buyers you have been lucky ubisoft. Lucky that Xbox store won't refund us.
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    Overheating issue

    Plz fix overheating issue with xbox one. All other games work good and AC Valhalla worked amazingly with not problems. Everytime i start to play WD legions ..in no time at all the xbox is extremely hot and shuts down game.
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    What about the infinite loading screens on PC when trying to load save data or quit the game
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    PC save fix when?
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    How do we check the game version on PC? I bought from Epic Game Store, but usually run the game through Ubisoft Connect. I don't think I've received the update from last week, but I don't know how to check either.
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    hi When will you fix PC problem to prevent from save broken?
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