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    Please consider re-releasing with HIII Complete!

    I know things aren't too lively around here, but I recently saw that a former 3DO contractor was able some time ago to provide the HIII Complete source code to Ubisoft. I completely understand why the original HIII HD could only be released with Restoration of Erathia, but now that the source code has been found, my hope is that you guys at Ubisoft will consider releasing a remaster of the full H3 Complete! As a big fan of Fortress it's quite a bummer not to have the balance changes in the current HD version. I purchased the HD remaster & would be happy to pay again for a remastered H3 Complete!

    Additionally, if such a thing ever were to happen, it might be cool if you guys did a HIII "Definitive Edition" with new content like AoE II and added new content by working with the HotA team to add Cove and the HotA campaigns! With the huge success of AoE II Definitive it seems like there is strong potential for a properly-done HIII remaster with additional content, but even simply a HIII Complete remaster would be lovely. Please don't keep us hanging too long!
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    Agree with you. And don't forget HOMM Chronicles. Mix them into the collection! Ubisoft, make HOMM3 definitive edition please! A lot of people will pay! Do it!
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