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    Performance is pretty bad on the gpu side.

    With odyssey, i could at least lower some cpu intensive settings, and get 70 fps average, but now, with valhalla having leveraged most of the cpu tasks to the gpu with DX12, even with only textures on max and rest on lowest in 1440p, i get 55-60 fps with a RTX 2080.. Is there no other insanely gpu taxing setting i can lower to get at least 80 fps average?

    Benchmark tool shows an area i easily get 85 fps in average, and even with clutter and world details on max, i get 76 fps, but the starting town your adoptive father lives in just butchers the framerate to below 60 fps when you look towards the longhouse.

    Even 1080p gave roughly the same framerate.

    So this game needs some heavy work with optimization to leverage some tasks over to the cpu tbh, otherwise you will need a 3080/3090 to upkeep more than 60 fos.

    This was all with 100% gpu, cpu was at 60-70%. So this game is eating up gpu's.

    RTX 2080 x trio
    64GB ram
    game on ssd
    Win 10n home 1909 update (still no may 2020 update from microsoft)
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    Hello Duckers_Mcquack,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns regarding Assassin's Creed Valhalla's optimisation on PC.

    I'd recommend following our PC troubleshooting, as well as performing a clean boot of Windows, to make sure that the game is running in as much of an optimal environment as possible. You've mentioned you're still on version 1909 of Windows as well - I'd recommend updating to the latest version in order to make sure that your OS is working at its best.

    Tweaking the settings is definitely a recommended to see what works best for you, and we'd be happy to discuss things further with you over on our new Assassin's Creed Vahalla Player Support forums should the steps above not help to improve your situation. These forums for the game have been discontinued, so we won't be assisting players further here in the future. Thank you!
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