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    After friends and I encountering the same voice comm, unresponsive controls bug way back in Nov 2020 I had put this game aside hoping for bugs to be fixed. I came back to it last night with the same friends and the same bugs are still apparent, seriously Ubisoft you need to fix these bugs and stop brushing them off by asking for a video. Just get your teams to try and complete a few missions using the Quest 2 and you'll see for yourselves.
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    STBC Unplayable on Quest 2

    Frozen Consoles
    Mic Issues
    Texture Glitching
    Unplayable Online

    The amount of time since these glitches have been reported en masse and gone unpatched is beyond acceptable.
    Selling a game in this state is frankly unethical.
    Please fix your game.
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    Has ANY of the bugs the game encounters with the Oculus 2 been fixed yet for cross-platform gaming?
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    Is this ever getting fixed

    Will this game ever be playable on the quest 2?
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    Quest 2 Bugs

    These bugs have been a thing for nearly or over a year now and there has still been no solutions nor sign of care from the development team. At this point it is quite ridiculous that nothing has been done. Also, if you even admit to being on the quest 2, a majority of the lobbies will immediately give you the boot in fear of the game breaking. Between getting the boot and the game legitimately breaking, this game is utterly unplayable in multiplayer, which is the main reason I, and many others, had purchased this game for in the first place.
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