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    Bright Harvest planning is hard

    So my issue is that I usually preplan basically everything as you should on the hardest difficulty as you need to spend money to demolish structures and you cant move them. However with Bright Harvest this planning became pretty hard due to the fact that the field sizes are increased by 50% and you need to place a tractor building 2x3 in dimensions which you also cant blueprint. I know that you can override the module limit for fields and place as many as you would like however I would still like some more concrete support for this matter from the game. In practice, overriding the field limit by 50% just so you know in the future how much space it will take is not really planning and at the same time a huge waste.
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    Hmm, I think or aware that one farm with tractor is like 2 farm that take a lot of space than one farm with tractor, but farm with tracter is useless in small island/no oil however, but useful in large island to make up space and not waste space in long term. Yes there is oil pump, then there is tractor dept, then add tracter to farm, but long term in large land, it's save lot of space for large city, but not so useful in small island because it's not enough to make up or pull off from investment.

    I just move or reloaction farm, and destory second farm, then add tractor and field from there, it's just taken relocation here and there. (because farm with tractor are like 2 farm but less space than 2 farm)
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    I understand why you find it "hard", but I think it should not be a problem.

    If you are at a point of using tractors in my opinon you should completly relocate production chains to other islands to save space on your "citizen" islands, That is how I play. In the end you want an island with as much citizen as possible and fields are just taking to much space on an island so I would relocate all of it anyway and with that relocation I can "reinvent" all of it on another island.

    At that stage building materials also should not be a problem anymore... So loosing the amount of building materials because of destroying the buildings is in my opinion not that bad.
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    Hi there,

    here is what I do:

    Upgrading a farm with tractors adds to its size:
    a) a 2x3 tractor building
    b) +50% farm-modules

    A typical farm-building is at least 4x3 in size or larger (there are exceptions, potatoes for example), so you can easiliy fit two tractor barns into it. That means (for a wheat-farm, for example) that 2 upgraded farms will occupy the exact same space as 3 farms without tractors.

    So you start out with building 3 farms together and, when it comes time to upgrade, you just delete the middle one and fill its now empty space with 2 tractor barns and the missing modules for both remaining farms.
    (For 3x3 builings like potatoes you will need to reserve an additional 3 tiles for the upgrade, for buildings larger than 4x3 a few tiles will remain unoccupied after upgrade)

    In the end it isn't even necessary to restructure your farming area (it would usually help, though).

    (because the only information in this thread seemed wrong, sorry)

    Silos and tractor barns influence yields in two ways.
    For one they add a flat bonus to productivity:
    Silo: +100%
    Tractor barn: +200%
    This influences (accelerates) the time it takes to complete one production cycle.
    Other than that they both also produce an extra ton of material every third production cycle.

    The default cycle length for a wheatfarm is 60s (it produces 1t wheat per minute). Adding tractors leaves us with 300% productivity. This will make a production cycle take only 1/3rd the original length. It is 20s now (producing 3t wheat per minute).
    Getting an extra ton of yield every 3rd cycle means: 3 x 20s = 60s -> 1 extra ton of wheat every minute (@300%)
    Adding those together leaves us with a 4t/min yield, compared to the 1t/min for a non-upgraded farm.

    At default worksettings this means an upgraded farm will produce 4 (for tractors; 2.66x for silos) times as much wares as the unupgraded version.
    Or in other words: Two wheat-farms with tractors use the same space as 3 wheat-farms without and produce 8 times as much as a single one (or 2.66 times as much as the mentioned 3 farms).

    I hope this will help you planning your farm areas, good luck.
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    Thank you @Nerevar38. The idea about 3 farms occupying the same space as 2 tractor farms never occurred to me. This helped a lot cheers mate <3
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    Actually this 3->2 Farms is so simple and obvious, that I couldn't figure it out myself. Probably devs knew about it and that's why there is 50% not 40 or 60 - to not confuse perfectionists who couldn't stand even single wasted space
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    Thanks everyone. This thread has been very helpful.
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    When I start out, planning for tractors, I know that a grain farm with tractor needs 216 field squares. So I make sure there is place for the tractor, then keep shift down and simply extend the field to 216 so its all ready for when the tractors arrive. I will admit my fields and farms have a messy layout. But when your population grow, you need every square meter.
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    I was doing same, but after reading this tread I'll just make 3 farms (if it's 3x4) - this way I can have more farms in early game (before tractors), and then demolish one, put barns and extend fiends on two other farms
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    Simply replacing 3 farms without tractors with 2 farms with tractors is not efficiënt. You want the farms in a tight group so they fit in the circle of the trade union. The fields can be spread over a large area. I also use phosphate, Feras and steel plough in the trade union. That means that I need even more space for fields to get boos production further and I don't need a workforce for my farms.

    The result is an island with clusters of farms within the circle of a trade union. It might not be very pretty but it is extremely efficient. See screenshot:

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