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    Something i really want back

    Hello peeps,

    I have this one thing i would REALLY REALLY love to get back. I am REALLY missing the colored nicknames in the game A few mates and myself were talking about it the other day, and every single one said that the game looks "cold and boring". We all loved the colors and things you could do with your name.. Well, hell.. People even joined teams only because they found the nickname was cool xD (yes, i was one of those guys aswell).

    I know, i know, its a first world problem, and the game has MUCH bigger problems to first take care of, but maybe, just MAYBE, consider getting this back into the game ^^ I would be forever thankful

    Have a nice day/night, wherever you (the readers) are!

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    I totally agree with you (well, kinda expected since I'm one of your mate who talked about that aswell). Changing the nickname like we did on TMNF or TM² isn't something that we need but at least, try to enable nickname color changing or enable having club tag which would appear before our nickname in game.
    That's one of the most requested feature of the old game right now.

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    I can understand your want to customise your nicknames more. I will forward your suggestion to the team!