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    AC ODDYSSEY| Quest bugged| The Horsemen Cometh


    in the quest i have to free 3 villagers and than deafeat some kind of miniboss.

    but when ive freed the 3 villagers the miniboss doesnt appear and in stuck with a quest with no objective.
    tried this a couple of times every single time no miniboss

    pls help
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    I am having the exact same bug and I opened a support case only for them to close it out on me. They told me in an earlier response to check the forums for updates? Yet there are still no updates to even confirm this is a bug and I can't finish the DLC I paid for, this is very frustrating. I want to bring more attention to this issue and not have it swept under the rug.
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    Ubi-Mark.'s Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello Vikings,

    Sorry to hear about your experiene. Can you please verify your game files with this link? We'd be happy to discuss things further with you over on our new forums should the step above not help to improve the situation. These forums for the game have been discontinued, so we won't be assisting players further here in the future. Thank you!
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