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    Pre-ordered Valhalla, but it's not showing up in my library, any idea when it will?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm still waiting almost 2 weeks now for watch dogs legion, I cannot believe this still happeing to people.

    to answer you question though, Probably not for weeks. If your lucky a few days.
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    the same thing is happening to me
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    dafter83 - I see two orders for the game on your account, however it looks like you may have requested to refund these as well. This may have caused issues with the delivery of the content, and an agent will need to investigate fully with you in private. You don't appear to have raised a support case so far, so please do so now via one of the below methods, and explain the situation in full there:

    - Support Case
    - Live Chat
    - Facebook PM
    - Twitter DM

    Shoot3rGuy - Please don't derail threads by discussing other games or external issues. It isn't helpful, and we do have a dedicated PC Player Support section for Watch Dogs Legion here that you can post in. That said, I don't see any orders for Watch Dogs Legion on your account, so it would be best to contact us privately if you didn't do so using the above methods anyway. An agent can then check what went wrong with your order, and try to assist further.

    Gilberto.Rondon - I can see two orders for different editions of the game on your account, and both look to have now processed! If you'd like to seek a refund for the Standard Edition, you're welcome to submit a request by following these instructions.
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