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    [PC] Pre-Ordered Game but not Showing on Account

    I just pre-purchased AC Valhalla (Ultimate Edition) this morning via the store website (and I used 100 points for 20% discount), but when I finalised the purchased, there was an error with the website and the page said "404 Page not found Oops! This page does not exist."

    I haven't received an email with a confirmation of purchase, the game is not showing up in my library, my points have now disappeared and it appears the code cannot be used again, but my PayPal Credit account has a pending transaction. So it appears as though I have been charged, but I do not have the game.

    I had a similar issue earlier this year with the AC Odyssey Season Pass. I got a response after about 3 months (!!) to say it never went through and the money was not taken out of my account (even though it was showing under my pending transactions at the time of purchase). I have refrained from ordering for Ubisoft since then, but against my better judgment, I decided to risk it and this is what happened.

    So, basically I want to confirm that:

    a) The purchase definitely went through
    b) Why it's not showing in my library
    c) If there is an issue can you sort ASAP, because if I have to order again in a few days (or months), I won't have the pre-order bonus and my 100 Uplay points have now disappeared because the discount count has been used so I would like these refunded if that is the case.

    I have opened a support case, but I'm not willing to wait another 3 months for a response like last time. Would really appreciated a quick reply. Thank you.
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    Contacted support and the issue is being sorted. Can close/lock this thread. Thanks,.
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    Having the same issue..
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    Have the same exact issue
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    I'm also encountering the same issue
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    Same here, I guess we won't be able to play it tomorrow. Ubisoft customer support doesn't really care. I contacted them 2 weeks ago and still haven't solved my problem.
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    wow look at the forums, insane amount of people having this issue with many games. Seriously how is this not being solved? Clearly an issue on their end with billing.
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    SilentSerenity - Glad to hear the issue is being sorted for you. Please continue to update your support case if you require additional assistance!

    Silvow - From your account, it appears that the game has now been delivered and you've been able to play! Enjoy!

    althedude - As above, it seems you're all sorted now and the game is on your account!

    Kelvin_Warhead - I don't see any orders for Assassin's Creed Valhalla on your account. It may be that your order was unsuccessful, and there is a hold on your funds that we need to check for. Please reach out to us using one of the methods below for this:

    - Support Case
    - Live Chat
    - Facebook PM
    - Twitter DM

    STAR_LORD_x - Please refer to my response in your thread here, as well as the email I sent to you in your support case. Everything you need to know is there.

    Shoot3rGuy - I replied to you in this thread about your issue. Please be constructive when replying to threads, and do not derail them. Thank you!
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