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    Unable to save

    I saw this is a common issue with many of the users... Does the ANNO team working on a solution... Up until a weeks ago I was playing the new Season: Land of Lions with no issues at all... Then there was some small update and ever since I am unable to save my game. Every time I click on the save button or the game tries to perform an auto save it crashes and terminates by itself... I read some of the suggested solution by other members of the forum but non of them work. The most promising was to change some of the setting of the Windows firewall but I am using a McAfee antivirus and firewall so that didn't work as well... Please find a general solution and keep me informed.
    Otherwise it would be a waste of money purchasing a game which is unable to SAVE!!!
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    Hey Peter, which steps did you try so far?
    To list a few possible solutions:
    - Verify the game files in Uplay, to check for potential issues
    - Make sure you start the game with admin privileges
    - if the folder in which the game is saved is a cloud drive (e.g. OneDrive), this can also be a problem. Make sure the saves are stored on your PC directly
    - Check your antivirus, make sure it's not blocking the game or certain files. Try completely disabling it for a test
    - Disable all non-necessary background programs before starting the game
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