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    Uplay overlay and Premium credits

    can't seem to open the in game overlay, thus it's stopping me from purchasing in game premium credits ? any help would be appreciated
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    While viewing UPlay dashboard [main-window] upon logging in, look towards top-left of program pane...
    You should notice a button represented as a 'triple hyphen'; visually akin to the "EQUALS" = symbol with one more score.
    Click that. Then hit 'Settings'.

    The option to enable in-game overlay is near top of the first screen that pops up after entering the settings, under General.

    . . .. . < SHIFT+F2 > is the UPlay overlay shortcut to access everything in-game.
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    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this in game, while we would not be able to discuss any transactions on your account on these open forums, please feel free to contact us directly through our "Live Chat" service when this is available or via our social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook
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