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    What happens to the servers???

    Throughout this week I can not connect to servers in Splinter Cell Blacklist.
    I thought that the Ubisoft stopped supporting servers, but I did not find any information about this.
    Could you please provide an explanation of the current state of the Splinter Cell Blacklist multiplayer?
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    Wondering, do you have the Deluxe version? I do and I'm having the same problem. I am reading that there was a problem last year with the Deluxe version and I am having the same problems they did. The just started 4 days ago for me and my friend. We can not connect to play COOP, and in single player, the game crashes after 30 min. I contacted Support and they now nothing.
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    Yes, I have a deluxe version. And I still have the same problems that you described.
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    I and many people who dont have the delux version are having the same issue, Everyone who has tried to go online recently is having the issue.
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    I have the deluxe version too, and am having problems to connect. Last time when I did a livestream, it worked fine, last week.
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    Right behind you.
    Adding to the list of people who can't connect. I don't have the Deluxe Ed, I have standard+Homeland DLC (but not the other one)

    I just got this game I don't even really like because it was on sale for cheap & I wanted to play with mods, not even interested in SvM/online coop. I just want to connect to redeem the DLC they let me BUY so I can play Billionaire's Yacht.
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    When can I play in cooperative mode again?
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    Deluxe edition through steam, no online connectivity & sp crash after 23 minutes as the game tries to dial home to check you haven't pirated it then crashes.
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