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    Myst: 25th Anniversary Edition - System Requirements


    I want to get my Dad the Myst: 25th Anniversary Edition for Christmas, however he is very concerned about knowing the system requirements for the game before I buy it to make sure his laptop will support it.

    This is the game in question: https://store.steampowered.com/bundl...ry_Collection/

    I have tried Ubisoft Chat but they only have info on Myst: Masterpiece Edition. I wanted to ask this question on the Steam forum but you have to pay a membership fee to be allowed to post...

    Does anyone know the system requirements for Myst: 25th Anniversary Edition?

    Thank you!
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    The following are the minimum system requirements needed to properly run Myst Masterpiece Edition and should also be the minimum for the Myst: 25th Anniversary Edition games. A system that does not meet all of these requirements may not be able to run all of the bundled games. And as always, more power is better -- like running Windows 10 instead of Windows 95 or 98!

    - Processor: Pentium 75 MHz (133 Recommended)
    - Operating System: Windows 95 or 98
    - Hard Disk: 30 MB Free Space
    - RAM: 16 MB
    - CD-ROM: 4x
    - Video Card: 640x480, 24-bit color (or higher). Compatible with Microsoft DirectX 6.1
    - Sound Card: Microsoft DirectX 6.1 Compatible
    - Other: Microsoft DirectX 6.1 (or higher), QuickTime 4.0 (or higher)
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    Thank you so much! You've potentially made an old mans Christmas!
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    You're quite welcome! Being an old man myself, I completely understand....
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