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    [COMPLETED] Maintenance - November 3rd, 2020


    The servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, November 3rd at 09:30 CET, 03:30 AM EDT, 12:30 AM PDT.

    Estimated downtime is 3 hours.

    Maintenance Notes:

    • Fixed an issue where Control Point supply rooms would remain locked after killing Rogue Agents in the activity.
    • Fixed an issue where certain floors in The Summit would have missing objectives or inoperable elevators.
    • Fixed an issue where Recalibrating Attributes onto lower gear-score items would also downgrade the recalibrated value.
    • Fixed an issue where the Rate of Fire attribute in the Recalibration Station did not appear at its proper maximum.
    • Last Resort apparel event is now closed and will no longer be available.
    • Last Resort apparel items are available for purchase with Premium Credits.
    • The Legacy cache will become available with a rotated selection of apparel.
    • Apparel event outfits will be available for standalone purchase with a 25% discount.

    Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

    /The Division Team
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    The maintenance is now over! Remember that the Last Resort Apparel Event is now closed.

    Good luck out there, agents!
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