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    Game crash - Mission : collect particles from particle cloud

    I like the game and really would like to continue, but...

    Mission : collect particles from particle cloud

    crash - reproducing steps :

    1. taking probe and selecting "upgrade drone".
    2. taking particle attachment and placing it on "try out area".
    3. new map loads, where you try out the attachment.
    4. after 2-3 seconds inside the example map, the game crashes.
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    We may need to see some log files to investigate this issue:

    Default location: C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Ubisoft\AGOS)

    It may also be helpful for us to take a look at your savefile, default location: C:\Users\User\MyDocuments\AGOS\Save\
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    Try settings to English before. the following is a training mission.

    After switch back to German, had the same Prob.
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