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    Block impossible to delete in editor

    Hi Nadeo,

    I found a weird bug in map editor.
    I was editing a map and when testing it I had performance issue in a specific part of the map (car almost freezing and impossible to drive)
    I realised that a block was making my map bug (Nadeo block, not custom block - Block type : black road block (n°12 / 3 / 1 / 4)

    This block can't be deleted and makes my map bug.
    Anyone could tell me how to delete it ?

    Let me know if you need more info, thanks !

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    Did you try to press X on keyboard and go with the mouse to the desired block and remove it?

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    AHAH thanks for your suggestion but I'm quite familiar with the editor and I know how to delete a block

    This one is bugged there is no way to delete it (with X or with the mouse or neither with copy paste feature by trying to cut the block)
    I tried to exit and even to reinstal the game just in case...nothing works !

    Like I said, when I drive close to the block there is huge performance issue that's really weird

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    Hey Sternutatoire, are you able to record a clip or take a screenshot of this particular block that is giving you problems?