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    Select / Deselect bug in "Cape Trelawney" Session

    Whenever I'm in Cape Trelawney with my current save (started after Land of Lions) I cannot deselect ships or buildings by left clicking something else.
    I can deselect by pressing escape.

    The other sessions are not affected. There left clicks work as expected, so I'm quite sure it's not anything weird going on with my hardware or pc setup.

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    Me and my friends also have that problem, its no related to the region. It happens sometimes, I cant reproduce it. I will try again next time if it has to do with the Cape Trelawney... BG
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    It suddenly started happening to me in the New World yesterday after I had been playing for several hours. I have 20+ hours in this game without it happening. It just seemed to randomly start; I can't identify any trigger.
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    Well i know many people who have that problem ... no i cant anything somewhere else an info to that. Its really a pain in the *** overtime ...
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