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    Public Mooring

    Before the latest update, visitors appeared on the public mooring who wanted access to your city. You could then click on the group. Now there will be a popup that you have to click with a green tick, but the visitor is not shown in the overview. Have also changed the setting to automatic access, but no visitor in overview. Can someone explain this, do I have the correct settings on?
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    it has changed how you collect visitors, the pop up has a timer, if you don't collect within the time limit, they leave. this makes gameplay easier imo, you no longer have to visit your public moorings to accept visitors, and if you have a slow computer it cuts out that drag between regions.
    also, you can now choose to accept visitors immediately by changing the settings in the options window, if you select this option, you get a pop up telling you who you have let in, and they automatically go to the grand harbour on that island...no need to visit, but you get a lot of junk...and then you can donate it to the research institute for some research points...so not all a loss.
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    ok, Txs,

    is the also no groupe op people on the side of the mooring anymore you can click on?
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    i haven't noticed anyone stood there since i selected automatic entry.
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    thats right, in automatic mode noboddy is waiting for a click.

    but in "no autm. mode", did you see that groupe for clicking and also a popup?
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