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    achievements API

    ubisoft connect was recently launched with the ambition of better connecting people to their games, but yet there is one basic missing thing in 2020: an api for achievements.

    ubisoft is pretty much the last major developer not exposing an api for this, which makes it stick like a sore thumb in aggregating systems like gog galaxy.

    as a developer, i know this is somewhat low hanging fruits, since it is mostly only about exposing a somewhat static table of data linked to a user profile.

    it should allow ubisoft to fill a gap at virtually no cost.
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    Starting with AC Valhalla, they removed it.
    Personally, I am a fan of AC and having all the games of AC in Uplay. I bought and returned AC Valhalla today. Why buy it? There are no achievements, the tests will simply be thrown out in a few years.
    Why does steam understand what players need, but Ubisoft doesn't?
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