Hello everyone,

After announcing the new competition tools this week, Cup of the day was also something we were working on for quite some time and we're glad to announce to you that the first one will happen on the 2nd of November!

From that date and every day at 7 PM CET, you will be able to play and compete against other players from around the world on the new Track of the day during a Time Attack session that will then be followed by a Knock-out mode. Trophies will be awarded during each Cup of the day to every player based on their position. The cup of the day will be in a beta phase for the upcoming weeks until we are satisfied with it.

The cup of the day known issues:

+ The time gap UI at CPs show the times of already knocked-out players
+ UI issue of TA live ranking when gaining a new rank
+ Unable to see to info popup when playing TA phase
+ Unable to hide/show live TA ranking
+ Display of "Player wins the match" at the end of the TA phase

Alongside that, we're pushing the following changes:

+ Knockout mode: Improved UI and sound design
+ The time gap UI at CPs show the times of already knocked-out players
+ Teams mode: Minor fixes for the scores table
+ Final mode: Added this new game mode for the upcoming TMGL final happening this weekend. The format will be available to everyone in the rooms soon
+ Added an option in the creation of club rooms to enable or disable the scalability of servers. When enabled, a new server will be automatically created when the servers are 80% full, splitting the current servers
+ Fixed an issue where longer map names were not displayed correctly
+ Fixed an issue with the flags in the ranking activity
+ Mapper's name is now displayed while playing a map in solo
+ Fixed an issue where records were starting over after the top5 when a map was first played
+ Improved the flag's ratio in the zone selection menu

Thanks and see you on track!