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    I telling all this stuff to u as lawyer.
    listen, "lawyer" (Bashaev), if you're not aware about precedent law, i had such legal claim to another game-company. so please don't demonstrate another teenage-brain-dead adult with addiction to VPN-cheating purchases. you can further splashing bile, but at know i'm not interesting in this topic, and far more not interested in argue with fictitious persons.
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    Hey you guys, does anyone know if they have English VO in AC Valhalla? I got subscription, so i guess i dont care, but it'd be nice to know if i actually decide on buying it
    I have a Valhalla pre order and I dont see an english VO files in my game folder. So at this time english VO in Valhalla is not acceptable. But Ubi promises to add ENG VO to Valhalla too soon.
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    Thank you, Ubisoft, audio works fine!
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    No english text language

    Were i the english text pack, i tought that they will fix that? Ubi we def need an english subs
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