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    Incorrect PC Launch Timings

    DedSec, we have identified an incorrect PC launch timing that we previously announced. Due to an internal communication error we had previously communicated an incorrect date and time for the Epic Games Store PC launch.

    The correct launch date is October 29th, at 3PM UTC.

    Below we also included a picture with the Ubisoft Connect PC launch timings for more countries which will hopefully make it easier to spot when you can start recruiting your resistance!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this communication error and thank you for your understanding.

    // The Watch Dogs: Legion Team
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    It's well past 00:00 AEDT already?

    Game still not live at 10:14am 29th Oct AEDT. Not sure what this update is all about.
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    What does this mean? Regions like Australia have had access to the game on PC since this morning. Which region does this problem affect? Is it Epic or Uplay that releases at this time?
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    Nevermind I'm totally blind
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    still not online in france at 00h38 ..
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    Honest Opinion

    To be honest, i'm mad af that the game is delayed for another couple hours after being delayed for months but the worst part is that you decide to inform us with a forum post that you have to look for and the post is then placed minutes before the original launch hour.

    Trash service after years of being a loyal fan of your games.

    You're setting the bar real low

    The customer service and satisfaction has dropped by a ton.

    Honestly ******g pissed, so a big F U to UBI
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    01.00 in Norway, still nothing here either, pisses me off watching how ppl have been playing all day on twitch. But hey, why am i surprised? Ubisoft right
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    The heck?

    How can "Release at midnight like *any* other AAA title. The STANDARD for online-store purchases* be a miscommunication???
    Did someone go "Eh. Do it whenever during the day." or what?
    Preloaded. Well rested (flipped day/night cycle) and ready to go only to realize it's not out for such a bs excuse.

    Edit: Just want to add that i almost didn't purchase the game when i heard it was tied to ubisoft. Been screwed over far too many times by you guys now.
    (Splinter Cell locked in Swedish, Unable to change to english. Major server connection issues with Silent Hunter 5 to the point i was unable to play it *at all* the first few weeks. And after that i had moved on. Heroes of Might and Magic V Uplay bs was a mess.)

    TL;DR: Get your **** together. It's been like this for *years*

    01:00+ Sweden.
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    Trash Statement

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this communication error and thank you for your understanding.

    Stop assuming we understand and start acting like a company that gives a f*** about it's customers.
    How can this miscom get carried all the way to launch and how are you not able to fix this by adjusting some dates.
    Might aswell cancel my pre order cause the amount of frustation you're currently causing won't outweigh the amount the fun the game can offer.
    Scammy money hungry company.

    Why were my expectations ever so high...
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    What does this even mean? Why are you saying the game will launch at 3 UTC (so 3 GMT in the UK) and under that post a photo that says it will launch at 00.00 GMT? What is it? It's 00.30 and no game so is it at 3 PM? Why are people streaming it already if that's the case? FFS Ubisoft.
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