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    Bad blood Co Op - T-Bone Tag team achievement

    Anyone looking to get this achievement? We can team up and finish this.

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    I need this too.. added to friends
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    I need the achievment too, add me please.
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    I need someone to help me with this achievement too. I'm on PlayStation 4, my username is Obiemax. If someone can, just add me so we can figure out a time to play. Thank you !

    Pour les français, j'ai également besoin de quelqu'un pour faire cette mission co-op, je suis sur PS4 si quelqu'un est dispo! Merci
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    Update: I was helped and I'm no longer looking for someone. But two people contacted me thanks to this post so if you need help, don't hesitate to ask!
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    Anybody still available to help out with this?
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    Even I need to unlock this achievement. Add me if anyone is interested.
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