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    Ubisoft club weekly challenges & classic challenges

    I do not know what is going on Uplay Ubisoft Club Challenges.

    I notice that the Weekly Challenges was taking a long time to to be available. as it says (Next Challenges Available Soon!) and others has literally nothing just blank.
    I have waited weeks after weeks after even more weeks and no Weekly Challenges popping up.
    only games like Rainbow Six Siege and somehow Steep does show the Weekly Challenges.
    I have not even installed Steep! or even played it!

    All the games i have, half of them i have not installed yet somehow has all the Classics Challenges completed.
    Also the other half of the games i own i barely have the time to even complete anything yet somehow has all the Classics Challenges completed.

    Is it because of Ubisoft Connect?
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    I just noticed all my Classic Challenges for Ghost Recon:Breakpoint were completed today October 26th, even ones I know I haven't even made to such as the PVP challenges. But the odd part is I know I completed few of those challenges weeks ago.
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    Redo this garbage asap UBISOFT.
    I want to unlock my challenges myself.
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